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What's Your Strain of Cannabis Business Expansion?

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Cannabis Grow Facility Design & Build

It's truly an understatement when we say that we've been growing cannabis for a long time. Let's just say that the Gordon Cannabis company genuinely embodies the phrase "Founded before it was legal". Tim was growing medical cannabis for people with cancer in his community when he was a teenager. Today, we design and build the most advanced and productive grow operations in the world - hands down. You will not find a more experienced and effective cannabis agriculture team anywhere in the world. We don't just grow cannabis, we live cannabis.

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Cannabis Genetics & Clones

Nearly 350 strains - that's the diversity of cannabis we offer to our clients. Our network of cannabis experts comprises over 200 years of experience and knowledge from all across the world. Through this foundation, the science that we hold in cannabis genetics is un-matched in the industry. It is always one of the most exciting and enriching experiences to work with clients on their vision for what specific strains and subtle nuances they are looking for in their grows and products. Contact us today, and we promise we'll talk your ear off about the vast world of cannabis genetics.

Cannabis Brand Expansion

We were the first. Truly. Tim Gordon was the first person on the planet to launch a fully legal cannabis dispensary in Colorado after he and his team worked tirelessly to achieve legalization. So from the beginning, we've been a part of cannabis brand expansion which now sees hundreds of brands and thousands of products across the country and across the world.  Whether it's distribution, branding, marketing, or something else, we're happy to talk about how our team can help take your brand to truly a 'higher' level.

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Dispensary Optimization Services

We have relationships with hundreds of dispensaries across the USA. Three core areas where we have top shelf excellence are: 

  • AI SEO for page 1 Google Local Search ranking. In short, we use artificial intelligence to help anyone in your area see your dispensary above your competitors

  • Compliant payment processing

  • Programmatic driven digital advertising to drive more traffic to your locations

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Extraction Services

For over a decade, our team has been building state-of-the-art extraction facilities.  From co2 extraction to ethanol to hydrocarbon extraction, we have been able to exceed clients expectations with our expertise in facilities design and build outs both for small and large scale operations. 

  • Custom extraction facility design build

  • Extraction compliance and quality assurance 

  • Custom use design for specific extract markets

  • Scaling extraction facilities and SOP implementation 

  • Custom extract formulations 

  • Decades of extraction facility design build and implementation within the cannabis industry 

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Cannabis Real Estate

The GCG team shares decades of experience in the cannabis real estate world, from mapping out grow sites, to planning extraction facilities, and developing dispensary locations. We've been through it all, and we can help any partner navigate common cannabis pitfalls, work with local municipalities, ensure compliance, and make cannabis real estate choices that guide clients down the quickest path towards success. 

  • Site selection

  • Zoning

  • Permits

  • Construction

  • Financing

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