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The Gordon Cannabis Story

What sums up Gordon Cannabis best is the statement you see right at the top of our homepage: "We don't just work in cannabis, we LIVE cannabis."

Here's a bit of the story...

1989: Tim planted his first cannabis plant in rural Ohio

The 90’s: The proving grounds of outdoor cultivation. Throughout the 90’s Tim worked on cannabis cultivation practices and techniques in rural, illicit cannabis gardens experimenting with applications to grow better cannabis and scaling outdoor cultivation. In the 90’s, the cannabis Tim was growing was given to various people that needed medicinal cannabis. In 1996, Tim moved to Colorado and began cultivating cannabis in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. In 1998 Tim finished with a degree in Horticulture Science from Colorado State University; and through out the remainder of the 90’s, Tim worked on perfecting cannabis cultivation and genetic selection.

The 2000’s: Tim’s skills in outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation became truly defined in the 2000's. Tim was providing the highest quality craft cannabis grown with meticulous intent. In 2001 the State of Colorado allowed for medicinal cannabis to be grown and prescribed for people in need. Two years later Tim was growing as a caregiver for multiple medical cannabis patients and began focusing on genetics and breeding cannabis for new and unique cannabis cultivars. In 2001 Tim went to Amsterdam to his first cannabis cup and furthered his contacts and legitimacy in the industry. In 2004, Tim started Medicinal Gardens Caregiver Cooperative where he grew medicinal cannabis for multiple patients in a scaled indoor cultivation facility. In 2004, Tim Founded and was Director of the Front Range National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (FRNORML) where he formed a non profit with 120 members and worked to legalize and decriminalize cannabis in Colorado. In 2007, Tim started Medicinal Gardens of Colorado, the nation's first cannabis dispensary.


2010 to 2017: In 2010, after 3 years of success and a growing medical

cannabis business, Tim sold Medicinal Gardens of Colorado to begin his global cannabis endeavors. In 2010 Tim started OG Dynamics, a consulting group focused on optimizing cannabis cultivation and processing. From 2010 through 2014, OG Dynamics worked with small and large companies and individuals in the global cannabis industry, optimizing process flow and advanced technologies in cultivation and extraction. In2015, OG Dynamics was acquired by CBDRx, a hemp-based CBD company in Boulder, CO where Tim served as Chief Operating Officer. In 2017, Tim transitioned to the role of CEO in the company and Introduced Functional Remedies, the retail brand of CBDRx. In 2017 and 2018, Tim grew the company to a nationally recognized brand employing over 70 people and driving revenues into the millions.

The Present: After two decades in the cannabis industry Tim has become a globally recognized professional. With over 30 years of experience in eco-sustainable cannabis farming, and as developer of an industry-leading cannabis agricultural and processing operation, Tim Gordon is considered a premier cannabis authority worldwide. Tim has served as a Director NORML in Colorado and Industry non profit trade organizations. He has been interviewed, quoted and featured in US and international news programs, magazines and periodicals. Tim is also a highly requested speaker, having presented to faculty and staff at national universities, manufacturers and retailers at world industry conferences, and at national business symposiums where he educates on the legality, efficacy, and business optimization of cannabis, cannabis based products and business in the cannabis industry.


*Founder at Functional Remedies

*Chief of Staff and partner at Impello Bioscience

*Director of Cannabis Science and Research at Element 7

*Chief Compliance Officer/Partner at Gateway Proven Strategies

*Board of Directors, HIA. Hemp Industries Association

*Board President COHIA

*Board of Directors, founder at USHGA. US Hemp Growers Association

*Cannabis Committee Board Member, AHPA. American Herbal Products Association

*Director FRNORML
*Founder Medicinal Gardens of Colorado

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