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The People Behind GCG

Our World-Class Team


Tim Gordon

A pioneer in cannabis cultivation, extraction, product development, brand development, genetics, legalization, policy, and international expansion for over 30 years, Tim leads advanced technology build-outs, has been the cannabis business strategist for global companies and agencies, is a board member across the cannabis non profit sector, is the Chief of Cultivation & Science at Gateway Proven Strategies, is the Chief of R&D at Element 7, and is on the board of Carbon Chemistry.

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Scott Calliham

Scott spent two decades in Tech prior to pioneering distinct aspects of legal Cannabis. Since 2014 he’s notched numerous ‘firsts’ including low-dose, single-serving packaging; infusing functional supplements to edibles; won a 2016 Cannabis Cup for best Vape Cartridge; developed a brand that went public; opened Europe to CBD at Mass Market Retail; and consulted on go-to-market strategy throughout the Global Industry. 

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Blake Luvon

Blake has been in digital business and business development for 25 years. From tech start-ups, to lead generation, e-commerce, SaaS, brand-building, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and international brand expansion, he has helped many companies collectively earn hundreds of millions of dollars.


Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott served in the U.S. Army as a. N.B.C. (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Specialist in the Chemical Corp. Leveraging his experience with fine-tooled machinery and manufacturing, he transitioned into cannabis and hemp, building and engineering from conception to reality the first mobile extraction for hemp and cannabis in the country.

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